You decided to take step into something new ,thought of the adventure ,the sheer thrill of what you could acomplish .The expectation .

When the exhilaration was so enticing to the point your mouth drooled ,by simply  thinking of it .

The grass was green ,not a single hair of yellow .The thoughts so mellow because of the fruits you wanted to bear 

When your mind was so clear at the beginning ,dont forget the pure joy on the journey that you undertook .always remember how it felt the first time when you think the road is becoming tougher .poetic_Fred.

   The first time you ever try do something of your undertaking ,is always the best .You do it whole soulfully .Its like the inoccence of a child .Its so pure .

The journey might never be easy .but if you ever think of stopping ,think of the first time .That first step you took ,how amazing it felt .And most important of all .”Remind yourself why you did it in the first place .


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