I believe death to be one of the most painful episodes in our lives .some might end up living in denial for a very long time .For instance my mum ,she took six months to at least cope with reality after her nephew died .Junior was his name .

Sometimes when our friends lose their loved ones .It pains us ,not because we knewe the person but because of what the people around us are feeling .

As a poet and any other poet ,the way we cope is through writing  and this are just a sample of few ,some mine others from other poets .I hope to live in a future where death shall be no more and with that I say amen .


I remember everything about you your voice ,your smile ,your touch the way you walked the way you talked 

I remember all the words you said to me ,some funny some kind some wise .

All the things you did for me .I see now with different eyes I remember every moment we shared 

Seems like only yesterday or maybe it was eons ago ,its really hard to say your gone from me now 

But one thing they can’t take away your memory which resides in my heart 

And lights up my darkest days 

Dear mom …

I still remember the sound of your last breath  I can still hear the word you said before your death 

I can still feel your hands entangled warmly In mine .faint but still so fine 

Although I do remember the last promise I made to you ,

Stopping my flow of tears I haven’t been able to .


are you my kin because you tag along my skin .day in day out ,are you not tired to scout or do you get a euphorical release when you shout ,when you shout their names and do darkness they descend 

Shame we don’t think the same because you sure are lame or are you looking for fame why not just be a celebrity do things like a popstar .but no ! You had to reap our lives like fruits on a tree 

Sad thing…we Dont see ,we Dont see when you came at your hunting games ,believe me even the entire cavalry of the world would not be enough to quench the flames of my anger 

So you pick them left right and centre and leave me to jump into the pools of despair and wonder when will I be next .


Seeing the past and the future had the song in my head heard it while I slept because it was all I felt and a heavy blow I was dealt with when she left 

Calling me father ,daughter husband wife son and the last thing she heard ….wasn’t the wait Dont go just give me a second but the bitter whisper of death when she decided to peacefully sleep while they were going insane and became their bane 

She couldn’t hear the what ifs …how could she when she couldn’t even ask what’s this 

The sunset under the ocean cleaned the she’ll and spent times wishing on spells  because my heart fell ” well”searched for it through the wards but i couldn’t find it 

Oh yea! I buried it 6 feet under when you decided to hold it there so there’s there .who do I blame when things are not the same 

When even my blood curdling screams couldn’t wake you from the dead but it was supposed to didn’t the teacher say it would when I wrote it on paper when my thoughts were of to see you later 

But I couldn’t order the waiter  to serve you on my plater and have a take away but what I got was you been taken away ,when come back decided to slack please come so that I can have you even as a snack and savour your taste 

But like a dog am left to sniff of what was left of you because I couldn’t see you nor feel you it was all you I wish I didn’t know you 

You should have even left a notice like hey am sick so I won’t be here no more but oh no ! You decided to be like a candle flame that was snuffed out 

It was all you all you 

Did you hate me so much that you decided to just pack up and leave is the darkness so beautiful or is it because of my sins ,you could have told me and I would have turned over a new leaf 

Was it my fault am opening my vault of a heart so answer me please dont let them laugh at me please say something even if its just a sigh the wind will whisper to me so please answer me


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  1. Margarette says:

    This is awesome Fred..you’re awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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