It was mothers day ,on sunday .I wrote that and sent it to my mum .Man wasnt she happy .But then i thought ,do we really have to show how much we love our mothers ,‘fathers’on certain days. ???

The answer is a deffinate no .I mean she has been there for us through thick and thin .some times ….yes they tend to crawl under our skin ,but which parent isn’t willing to look after their own .

So I decided to show my appreciation to my parents, not only to my mum .it doesn’t have to be everyday .you don’t have to say I love you .Our actions speak volumes .It can be something as simple as a cupcake ,a hug out of the blues .A car if you can afford one 😁.simple stuff.

So let’s show them love everyday .For they have brought us this far through God’s shout out to our parents .


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