The rain kept falling

She kept running

Sky was gray 

So was the heart

Of the one watching across the street

The tears kept falling 

But who would have known 


The rain kept falling 

Falling so hard 

That it was washing the dreams 

The ideals the hopes 

To oblivion 

Drip!drip !drip 

The rain kept falling

Like a sad symphony 

Beautiful to hear but hard to contemplate

Drip !drip !drip!

The rain kept falling 

But they kept dancing 

Whatever life barred 

They would brake 

They laughed like mad 

Like the rain was cleansing them 

Making them a new

Drip!drip ! drip!

The rain kept falling

I Dont like the rain,cause every time it does the atmosphere turns gloomy.I like the vibrant sun ,the warmth is something to always cherish .

Some times everything in our lives just seem wrong ;my grades keep on falling .Work brings me only stress and more stress when you get home .I’ve got so many debts ,my marriage ain’t working .

Things like those might make everything look blue .But there is always a light after the tunnel ,no matter how hopeless our situations may seem .

I may hate the rain ,but there is one thing I like about it ,when its gone .Its aftermath brings with it vibrant vitality. Everything just seems fresh and right .


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