Am African and I love the fact that am one.I dont have to always worry about the sun .

We  would all like to have a sense of belonging .Anywhere where we can call home.But our generation is a confused one .why ? Most of us simply Dont know our roots our language and our African culture .

When we get home we tend to communicate in either English or Swahili ,depending on the background.why can’t we be like Asians.They talk in their language.        Most Kenyans travelling abroad only need two months,to come back with a totally confused accent.But it will take us a life time to learn our mother tongue.

Why can’t we talk with suave and grandeur in our own language .”oh they’ll laugh at us, ” you not being proud will only turn you into a will always follow what the masses say and do. 

Our behaviors are also wanting .In public transportation,an old lady is standing while a young man is busy seated with his gizmos.Some years back people used to remove their hats while speaking with an elder person, now we just remove one earphone .we talk to our parents as if we are age mates ,we are losing it.

I love my grand father and we talk alot.He says “God  made you black and a Kikuyu at that ,you not knowing your language and ways is like belittling God.” Wise words wouldn’t you agree .

Let us learn our roots ,our ways.To have a sense of belonging to be truly African.

  • I hear the drums 
  • I hear our beautiful women singing
  • I hear our brave men 
  • And how the lions quiver in their wake
  • I hear the elephants trumpeting our victory 
  • I hear Africa and it is a beautiful song
  • I hear the children next to the bonfire
  • So quiet time seems to stop
  • I hear Africa and it is a beautiful song  
  • I hear the pots clattering
  • I hear the food cooking 
  • I hear them gossiping 
  • I hear them giggling 
  • I hear Africa and it is a beautiful song 
  • I hear the children playing 
  • The older ones trying  yo out wit their peers in their history
  • I hear my self because am Africa

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  1. Joiner Nina says:

    Great Fred 😊😊

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